Video Preferences

Options Menu:

Use the Video tab in the Preferences dialog to specify preferences for displaying video. To display this tab, choose Preferences from the Options menu and click the Video tab.



Frame numbering on thumbnails


Determines how individual frame information, located in a box at the lower left-hand corner of each frame, will be displayed in the video strip when frame numbering is turned on.

The frame information box can include Frame Numbers or Media Timecode.

Allow pulldown removal when opening 24p DV

Select this check box if you want to remove pulldown when you open 24 fps progressive-scan DV video files.

When the check box is cleared, Sound Forge software will read 24p video as 29.97 fps interlaced video (60i).

Deinterlace method

Choose a setting from the drop-down list to determine how Sound Forge software separates the two fields that make up a video frame when you render to a progressive format:

Blend Fields: Maintains the data in the two fields by blending them together. This method can produce a smooth, motion-blurred image.

Interpolate: Deletes one field and uses the remaining field to interpolate the deleted lines. This produces sharper images than Blend Fields but can introduce jagged motion or stair-stepping artifacts.

Resample source video when rendering to a higher frame rate

Select this check box if you want to interpolate video frames when you render to a frame rate that is greater than the source file’s frame rate.

External monitor device

Choose a device from the drop-down list to configure an IEEE-1394 device for use with an external monitor. Sound Forge will send your video output to this device when you click the Preview on External Monitor button Sound Forge Pro b enableexternalmonitor Video Preferences in the Video Preview window.

Sound Forge Pro note Video PreferencesAudio is not output to the external monitor.


Video Preferences