1. Connect your monitor:

    Sound Forge Pro externalmonitor Configuring an External Monitor

  2. From the Options menu, choose Preferences, and then select the Video tab.

  3. From the External monitor device drop-down list, choose the IEEE-1394 interface to which your DV device is connected. You can click the Properties button to view and adjust settings for the selected device.

  4. When you click the External Monitor button Sound Forge Pro b enableexternalmonitor Configuring an External Monitor on the Video Preview window, Sound Forge software conforms the video to DV format and feeds it through the 1394 interface to the DV device (camcorder or DV-to-analog media converter). The DV device then sends analog output to the television monitor.

Sound Forge Pro note Configuring an External MonitorThe DV device must support pass-through connections in order to use an external monitor.

When previewing on an external monitor, no audio is sent through the 1394 interface. As shown in the illustration above, Sound Forge routes the audio to the sound card and then on to the mixer (if present) and speakers. This allows you to mix your audio on better speakers than are typically found in television monitors.

Before printing your final project to tape, you may wish to preview the audio through the television monitor speakers to ensure a good ”r;TV mix.”

Configuring an External Video Monitor


You can feed video from the Video Preview window to a television monitor. With this feature, you can make your final editing decisions on a broadcast monitor (which differs significantly from a computer monitor). To use an external monitor, you must have the following hardware:

  • OHCI-compliant IEEE-1394 DV interface

  • DV camcorder or DV-to-analog converter

Sound Forge Pro note Configuring an External MonitorSound Forge software automatically adds pulldown when you preview 24p video on an external monitor.

What do you want to do?

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Configuring an External Monitor