Drag either end of the track to adjust the track’s starting or ending position. The pause time between tracks is displayed:

Sound Forge Pro moveeventedge CD Layout Bar

Drag a CD track to move the track, its associated media, and the pause time before the track. An indicator is displayed to show you where the event will be moved:

 Sound Forge Pro eventdrag CD Layout Bar

If you drag a track in a project where a single event spans more than one track, Sound Forge will split the event as necessary.

Sound Forge Pro tip CD Layout BarHold Shift while clicking CD tracks to select a range of tracks.

Moving Tracks on the CD Layout Bar


The CD layout bar displays information about the tracks you’ve created for your disc-at-once CD project. Each CD track shows the track’s number, active take name, and length.

Sound Forge Pro note CD Layout BarA red indicator is drawn at the end of the CD layout bar to represent the end of the disc (if the disc length is known). You can use the Automatically detect CD length and Default CD length controls on the CD Settings tab of the Preferences dialog to set CD length.

Sound Forge Pro DAODropTrackDataWnd endindicator CD Layout Bar

You can use the CD layout bar to perform many of the track-editing functions from the Track List window.

What do you want to do?

Sound Forge Pro arrowdn CD Layout Bar Change a track’s starting or ending point

Sound Forge Pro arrowdn CD Layout Bar Reorder tracks

Sound Forge Pro btnshowall CD Layout Bar

CD Layout Bar