The Tools Toolbar


Use the Tools toolbar for quick access to the Sound Forge editing tools.



Sound Forge Pro b extractfromCD The Tools Toolbar

Extract Audio From CD: Click to display the Extract Audio from CD dialog.

Sound Forge Pro b createCD The Tools Toolbar

Burn Track-at-Once CD: click to display the Burn Track-at-Once CD dialog.

Sound Forge Pro burnDAO The Tools Toolbar

Burn Disc-at-Once CD: click to display the Burn Disc-at-Once CD dialog.

Sound Forge Pro autoregion The Tools Toolbar

Auto Region: click to display the Auto Region dialog.

Sound Forge Pro b extractregions The Tools Toolbar

Extract Regions: click to display the Extract Regions dialog.

Sound Forge Pro b clippedpeak The Tools Toolbar

Clip Detect: click to display the Detect Clipping dialog.

Sound Forge Pro find The Tools Toolbar

Find: click to display the Find dialog.

Sound Forge Pro b repairinterpolate The Tools Toolbar

Repair: Interpolate: click to interpolate a region of sound based on the data at the beginning and end of the region.

Sound Forge Pro b repairreplace The Tools Toolbar

Repair: Replace: click to replace a region of sound with previous sound data.

Sound Forge Pro b repairchannel The Tools Toolbar

Repair: Copy Other Channel: click to replace a selection with data from the other channel in a stereo pair.

Sound Forge Pro b noisereduction The Tools Toolbar

Noise Reduction: click to use the Noise Reduction plug-in to remove noise.

Sound Forge Pro b clickcrackle The Tools Toolbar

Click and Crackle Removal: click to use the Click and Crackle Removal plug-in to remove clicks and sharp glitches.

Sound Forge Pro  The Tools Toolbar p-content/uploads/sub/soundforge/en/source/b_clippedpeakrestoration.gif" style="width:18px;height:16px" width="18" height="16" border="0" class="hcp8">

Clipped Peak Restoration: click to use the Clipped Peak Restoration plug-in to round the tops of clipped peaks and apply peak limiting to the area immediately surrounding the audio clip. Nonclipped audio is not affected.

Sound Forge Pro b vinylrestore The Tools Toolbar

Audio Restoration: click to use the Audio Restoration plug-in to clean up recordings.

Sound Forge Pro xfadeloop The Tools Toolbar

Crossfade Loop: click to display the Crossfade Loop dialog.

Sound Forge Pro sampler The Tools Toolbar

Sampler: click to display the Sampler dialog.

Sound Forge Pro statistics The Tools Toolbar

Statistics: click to display the Statistics dialog.

Sound Forge Pro presetmanager The Tools Toolbar

Preset Manager: click to start the Preset Manager.

Sound Forge Pro b batchconverter The Tools Toolbar

Batch Converter: click to start the Batch Converter.


The Tools Toolbar