The Effects Toolbar


Use the Effects toolbar to apply effects to a file.



Sound Forge Pro b acousticmirror The Effects Toolbar

Acoustic Mirror: click to use the Acoustic Mirror plug-in.

Sound Forge Pro amplitudemod The Effects Toolbar

Amplitude Modulation: click to apply a sinusoidal or square-shaped periodic gain to the input signal. The frequency of the gain waveform can be adjusted to create effects varying from a slow tremolo to unusual sound distortions.

Sound Forge Pro chorus The Effects Toolbar

Chorus: click to add a pitch-modulated and delayed version of the input signal to the unprocessed input signal. The effect simulates the variances in pitch and timing that occur naturally when two or more people try to play or sing the same melody at the same time.

Sound Forge Pro delaymultitap The Effects Toolbar

Multi-Tap Delay: click to simulate multiple echoes, reverberation, and other delay-related effects.

Sound Forge Pro delaysimple The Effects Toolbar

Simple Delay: click to add a delayed copy of the sound signal to a selection. A single delay or decaying multiple delays can be added before or after the sound signal.

Sound Forge Pro Distortion The Effects Toolbar

Distortion: click to tailor the gain at all input levels of a signal. You can create effects ranging from dramatic to subtle distortion, simple compression, expansion, and noise gates.

Sound Forge Pro graphicdynamics The Effects Toolbar

Graphic Dynamics: click to affect the dynamic range of the selection by applying compression, expansion, and limiting.

Sound Forge Pro multibanddynamics The Effects Toolbar

Multi-Band Dynamics: click to apply compression and limiting to up to four different frequency bands.

Sound Forge Pro envelope The Effects Toolbar

Envelope: click to modify the amplitude of a waveform to match a specified envelope shape.

Sound Forge Pro flangewah The Effects Toolbar

Flange/Wah-Wah: click to apply flanging, phasing, and wah-wah effects to a sound.

Sound Forge Pro gappersnipper The Effects Toolbar

Gapper/Snipper: click to cut chunks from the sound file or insert silence in the selection periodically at a set frequency.

Sound Forge Pro noisegate The Effects Toolbar

Noise Gate: click to remove signals below a set threshold.

Sound Forge Pro pitchbend The Effects Toolbar

Pitch Bend: click to draw an envelope that increases or decreases the pitch of a selection over time.

Sound Forge Pro pitchshift The Effects Toolbar

Pitch Shift: click to change the pitch of a sound with or without preserving the duration of the selection.

Sound Forge Pro b resonantfilter The Effects Toolbar

Resonant Filter: click to restrict the range of a sound using low-pass, band-pass, or high-pass filtering, and then boost and add oscillation to the resonant frequency.

Sound Forge Pro reverb The Effects Toolbar

Reverb: click to simulate various acoustic spaces. Reverb consists of early reflections — which are the first reflections that arrive back to your ear — and the reverb itself.

Sound Forge Pro vibrato The Effects Toolbar

Vibrato: click to apply periodic pitch modulation to a selection.

Sound Forge Pro wavehammer The Effects Toolbar

Wave Hammer: click to use the Wave Hammer mastering plug-in.

The Effects Toolbar