Docking and Undocking Windows


Your workspace can become cluttered quickly if you have several windows and toolbars visible.

You can create multiple window docks to organize your Sound Forge windows. These docks can be anchored to the perimeter of the Sound Forge workspace, or they can float over the workspace or on a secondary monitor.

Sound Forge Pro idea OverviewTips:

  • To dock a window, drag it to a floating dock or to any edge of the Sound Forge workspace.

  • To undock a window, click the handle Sound Forge Pro draghandle Overview and drag it out of the docking area or floating dock.

  • To prevent a window from docking when you drag it, hold the Ctrl key.

Sound Forge Pro warning OverviewWhen the Allow floating windows to dock check box on the General tab of the Preferences dialog is cleared, windows will not dock unless you hold the Ctrl key. When the check box is selected, you can prevent a window from docking by holding the Ctrl key.

  • To expand a docked window so it fills the docking area, click the Maximize button Sound Forge Pro b expanddocked Overview. Click again to restore the window to its previous size.

  • To close a window in the docking area or a floating dock, click the Close button Sound Forge Pro b closedocked Overview.

You can dock several windows in the same area of the screen, and the windows will be layered. Click a window’s tab to bring it to the top.

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