Regions List

Ctrl+Alt+M, 0

View Menu

From the View menu, choose Metadata, and then choose Regions List to open or close the Regions List window. The Regions List contains all regions and markers that exist in the active data window.

Sound Forge Pro regionslistwindow Regions List

Sound Forge Pro tip Regions ListTips:

  • To play a region, click the Play button Sound Forge Pro regionplay Regions List to the left of each region.

  • Selecting a marker or region (by clicking the leftmost numbered column) moves the cursor or selection in the data window.

  • Click a column heading to sort the results in ascending Sound Forge Pro sortdescending Regions List or descending Sound Forge Pro sortascending Regions List order based on the column’s contents.

  • You can edit a region by typing new values in the Name, Start, End, or Length boxes.

Regions List