Creating natural-sounding loops requires experimentation. Many factors can cause pops and glitches, but the following guidelines will help you to create loops with less trial and error.

Match endpoint amplitudes

It’s most common for the endpoints of a loop to occur at zero-crossings.

Match endpoint waveform slopes

If the slope of a waveform changes drastically, an audible pop will be produced.

Match endpoint sound levels

The overall loudness within ~100 ms of the endpoints should be equal.

Avoid very short loops

If the loop is shorter than ~50 ms (1/20 Hz), you will most likely create a loop with a pitch not equal to the sample pitch.

Sound Forge Pro idea Loop TunerYou can experiment with pitch-tuning by creating short loops with a length of 1/frequency. For example, if your had a sample pitch of 440 Hz (A5 on the MIDI keyboard), you can make the loop 2.27 ms. Pitched loops, however, do not sound like the original sample.

Click the Play Pre-Loop button Sound Forge Pro playpreloopc Loop Tuner to play the sound data before the selected loop.

Click the Play Loop button Sound Forge Pro playloopc Loop Tuner to play the selected loop. You can use the Loop Tuner to tune the loop during playback.

Click the Play Post-Loop button Sound Forge Pro playpostloopc Loop Tuner to play the sound data after the selected loop.

When your Sample Type is Sustaining with Release, you can click the Loop Select button Sound Forge Pro loopselect Loop Tuner to switch between the sustaining and release loops in the Loop Tuner.

When the sustaining loop is selected, the button is displayed as Sound Forge Pro loopselect release Loop Tuner.

The Loop End Position and Loop Start Position boxes Sound Forge Pro loopendposition Loop Tuner display the current positions (in samples) of the endpoints. Use the spin controls to adjust the end points.

Each loop end window includes buttons to move the loop endpoint to the next or previous zero-crossing:

  • Click the Zero Crossing Left button Sound Forge Pro zerocrossleftc Loop Tuner to move the endpoint to the previous zero-crossing.

  • Click the Zero Crossing Right button Sound Forge Pro zerocrossrightc Loop Tuner to move the endpoint to the next zero-crossing.

Sound Forge Pro idea Loop TunerTo configure the zero-crossing finders, choose Preferences from the Options menu and click the Editing tab. You can modify the Snap to zero-crossing slope, Zero-cross scan time, and Zero-cross level threshold settings to determine how Sound Forge software locates zero crossings.

Click the Lock Loop Length button Sound Forge Pro b syncgraphs Loop Tuner if you want to shift a loop’s position without changing its length. When this button is selected, any operation you use to change a loop point affects both the start and end of the loop, therefore keeping the loop length constant.

Sound Forge Pro note Loop TunerThis button also controls the Lock Loop/Region Length command on the Options menu.

If you want to save loop points in your file, select the Save metadata with file check box in the Save As dialog.

Loop Tuner


View Menu

From the View menu, choose Loop Tuner to open or close the Loop Tuner window. You can use the Loop Tuner to adjust the starting and ending points of a loop (or selection) to create smooth transitions.

The Loop Tuner allows you to view both loop endpoints at once. The left-hand side of the Loop Tuner window shows the end of the loop, while the right-hand side shows the start of the loop. A seamless loop will not have any discontinuities; the waveform should look smooth as it goes from the end of the loop back to the start.

Sound Forge Pro LoopTunerWindow Loop Tuner

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Sound Forge Pro arrowdn Loop Tuner Move the end points to a zero-crossing

Sound Forge Pro arrowdn Loop Tuner Lock a loop length

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