The Hardware Meters window displays a gain fader for each output that is enabled on the Audio tab of the Preferences dialog. You can use these faders to adjust preview levels.

Sound Forge Pro warning Hardware MetersThe faders in the Hardware Meters window are used to control preview volume only. If you want to mix channel levels, use the Volume or Envelope plug-in.  

Drag the fader to adjust the volume of the channel. Double-click the center of the thumb to reset the fader to 0.0 dB.

If the right and left channels are set differently, you can double-click either thumb to force the other channel to match it.

Click the Lock/Unlock Fader Channels button Sound Forge Pro  Hardware Meters to lock (gang) the faders so the left and right channels will always move together. Click again to unlock the faders.

Sound Forge Pro tip Hardware MetersHold Shift while dragging a fader to temporarily override the current state of the Lock/Unlock Fader Channels button: if the button is turned off, you can hold Shift to drag the faders in locked mode; if the button is selected, hold Shift to drag the faders independently.

You can display a peak meter, VU/PPM, a phase scope, and mono-compatibility meter for each hardware output. To toggle the display of each meter, right-click the Hardware Meters window and choose a command from the shortcut menu.

A check mark is displayed to indicate which meters are currently visible.

  • For more information about using peak meters, please see Channel Meters.

  • For more information about using VU/PPM meters, please see VU and Peak Program Meters.

  • For more information about using the phase scope, please see Phase Scope.

  • For more information about using the mono-compatibility meter, please see Mono Compatibility Meter.

Hardware Meters Window


View Menu

From the View menu, choose Hardware Meters to toggle the display of the Hardware Meters window. You can use this window to adjust the levels of your audio device’s hardware outputs for monitoring and to view a peak meter, VU/PPM meter, phase scope, and mono-compatibility meter.

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