Mouse Shortcuts




Select All

Double-click the waveform display to select the entire sound file.

Triple-click when regions, loops or markers are present (if the Disable triple-clicking to select all sound file data check box on the Editing tab in the Preferences dialog is cleared) .

Zoom Time and Level

Double-click the level ruler to zoom the current selection vertically and horizontally. If no selection exists, the entire waveform display data is zoomed.

Double-click again to zoom out to the full amplitude and to the normal horizontal magnification.

Return Control Value to Default

Double-click a slider, fader, or spinner to reset it to its default value.

Fine Tune Control Value

To fine tune a trackbar, fader, or spinner, hold the right and left mouse buttons (or hold the Ctrl key) when dragging.


Shift-click the Preview button to hear the original sound. This is equivalent to enabling the Bypass check box.

Main Status Bar

Double-click the Sample Rate, Sample Size, or Channels box at the bottom of the Sound Forge window to edit their values.

Sound Forge Pro statusbar1 Mouse Shortcuts

Selection Status Bar

Double-click the Selection Start (leftmost) box in a data window to type a new value.

Double-click the Selection End or Selection Length box to type a new value.

 Sound Forge Pro playbarselection Mouse Shortcuts

Go To Marker

Click a marker tag Sound Forge Pro markertab Mouse Shortcuts to move the cursor to the marker’s position.

Set Selection to Region/Loop

Click a region Sound Forge Pro regionmarker Mouse Shortcuts or loop tag Sound Forge Pro loopmarker Mouse Shortcuts in the ruler to change the current selection to the region or loop end points.

Play Normal Button (on playbar)

Ctrl+click the Play Normal button Sound Forge Pro b playnormal Mouse Shortcuts to Preview Cut (skip selection) on playback. Ctrl+Shift+click to play to cursor with pre-roll.

Slow and Fast Selection Scroll Toggle

When making a selection past the end or beginning of the waveform display, click the right mouse button (while holding down the left mouse button) to toggle between fast scrolling and slow scrolling.

Zoom in horizontally

Rotate the mouse wheel forward.

Zoom out horizontally

Rotate the mouse wheel back.

Zoom in/out vertically

Ctrl + rotate the mouse wheel forward or back.

Scroll left/right 10% of the current view prior

Shift + rotate the mouse wheel forward or back.

Move cursor left or right (move current selection point if selection exists)

Ctrl + Shift + rotate the mouse wheel forward or back.


Mouse Shortcuts