The following icons are used throughout this Help file:



Sound Forge Pro arrowdn Using Help

Drop-down text: click to display more information.

Sound Forge Pro note Using Help

Note: provides additional information about a topic.

Sound Forge Pro idea Using Help

Tip: provides a shortcut or an alternate means of performing a task in Sound Forge software.

Sound Forge Pro warning Using Help

Warning: important information that you need to know before performing a task.

Underlined Text

Link: Click the blue underlined word to jump to the topic. Click the Back button to return to the previous topic.

Underlined Text

Popup: Click the green underlined word to view a popup definition or graphic. Click inside the popup window to close it.

Simply press F1 or choose Contents and Index from the Help menu to display the online Help (but then, you’re reading this, so you’ve figured that out already).

The Contents tab

The Contents tab provides a categorized listing of available Help topics. Click a book Sound Forge Pro book Using Help to open it, and click the topic page Sound Forge Pro page Using Help you want to view. The topic is displayed in the right-hand pane.

The Index tab

The Index tab provides a complete listing of the Help topics available. Use the scroll bar to scroll through the list of available topics or type a word in the text box to quickly locate topics related to the word. Select a topic and click the Display button.

The Search tab

The Search tab allows you to enter a keyword and display all of the topics in the online Help that contain the keyword you have entered. Type a keyword in the text box and click the List Topics button. Select a topic from the list and click the Display button.

The Favorites tab

The Favorites tab allows you to easily return to topics that you use often. To view a topic from the Favorites tab, select the topic in the Topics list and click the display button. To add a topic to the Favorites tab, simply click the Add button. To remove a topic, select the topic in the Topics list and click the Remove button.


Keyboard Shortcut

Toggle between panes



Up/Down Arrow

Open selected book

Enter or Right Arrow

Close selected book

Enter or Left Arrow

Open selected link

Enter (when right-hand pane is active)

Toggle selected link

Tab or Shift+Tab (when right-hand pane is active)

Toggle Contents, Index, Search, and Favorites tabs

Ctrl+Tab (when left-hand pane is active)

Contents = Alt+C
Index = Alt+N

Search = Alt+S

Favorites = Alt+I


Alt+Left Arrow


Alt+Right Arrow

Print topic


Using Help


In developing Sound Forge software, one of our primary goals was to make the interface as easy to use as possible. However, some features may not be immediately apparent, so we hope you take some time to browse through the online help so you won’t miss any of the creative potential in Sound Forge software.

Sound Forge Pro arrowdn Using Help Graphical conventions

Sound Forge Pro arrowdn Using Help The Help window

Sound Forge Pro arrowdn Using Help Help window keyboard shortcuts


Sound Forge Pro btnshowall Using Help

Using Help