How Do I Create a New File Using Part of Another File?


As you’re editing audio, it’s often useful to create a new file using part of a larger file. Do you want to create a short preview of your next single? Do you need to extract the perfect drum loop out of a two-hour recording? It’s a breeze in Sound Forge.

Sound Forge Pro tip Creating a New File Using Part of Another FileTips:

  • If you want to create new files from regions in a sound file, you can use the Extract Regions command.

  • If you’re editing with a playlist/cutlist, you can convert the playlist/cutlist to a new file.

  1. Start by selecting the part of the file you want to use to create a new file.

  2. Now perform either of the following steps:

  3. Drag the selection to an empty area of the Sound Forge workspace to create a new window using the selected data.

  4. Copy the selection and then choose Edit > Paste Special > Paste to New. A new data window is created from your selection.

Creating a New File Using Part of Another File