How Do I Convert Markers to Regions That I Can Use In CD Architect?


CD Architect can create tracks and indices using markers and regions in your audio file.

When you choose Create Tracks from Media Regions from the Tools menu in CD Architect, tracks are created from regions in the file, and index markers are created from markers in the media file.

If you have a single media file with markers at the positions where you want to create tracks, you can convert those markers to regions before adding the file to your CD Architect project.

  1. Open the file you want to use to create your CD Architect project.

  2. Insert a marker at the points where you want CD tracks to begin.

  3. From the Edit menu, choose Regions List, and then choose Markers to Regions from the submenu. All existing markers will be converted to regions using the data between each consecutive marker as the region boundary.

    For example, if your file contains three markers, this command will create two regions; the first region will span the area between the first and second markers, and the second region will span the area between the second and third markers.

  1. Save your file, and be sure to select the Save metadata with file check box.


Converting Markers to Regions That You Can Use In CD Architect?