Routing Channels to Hardware Outputs


If you’re working with multichannel files and have a sound card with multiple outputs, Sound Forge provides you with a great deal of flexibility in routing the channels to the outputs on your sound card: you can route each channel to a separate output, or you can route all the stereo pairs to a single set of outputs to simulate a stereo downmix.

The Hardware Meters window displays a meter and gain fader for each enabled output port.

You can change channel assignments from the Audio tab in the Preferences dialog or the Channel Meters window. Changing the setting in either location updates your preferences and affects all open data windows.

  • For information about using the Audio tab of the Preferences dialog to enable and map channels, please see the Preferences – Audio Tab help topic.

  • To change a channel’s output device using the Channel Meters window, click the channel number and choose a new output port from the menu:
    Sound Forge Pro ChannelRouting PlayMeters Routing Channels to Hardware Outputs

Routing Channels to Hardware Outputs