Preferences – VST Effects

Options Menu

From the Options menu, choose Preferences and select the VST Effects tab to indicate where your VST plug-ins are installed and which plug-ins you want to make available to Sound Forge software.

Sound Forge Pro tip VST Effects PreferencesAfter adding new VST effects, you can use either of the following methods to add them to the FX Favorites menu:

  • From the FX Favorites menu, choose Recreate by Plug-In Name to clear the current FX Favorites structure and create new folders based on the first word in the plug-ins’ names.

  • From the FX Favorites menu, choose Organize. In the Organize Favorites dialog, drag your new plug-ins from the VST folder to the desired folder in the FX Favorites portion of the tree view on the left side of the dialog.



Default VST search folder

This is the folder where the application looks for VST effects during startup.

Alternate VST search folder 1

Enter a path in the edit box or click Browse to indicate where the application can find VST effects.

Alternate VST search folder 2

Select VST effects to be available as audio plug-ins

Select the check box for each VST plug-in that you want to make available in Sound Forge software. Clear a check box to exclude the plug-in.


VST Effects Preferences