CD Settings Preferences

Options Menu

From the Options menu, choose Preferences and select the CD Settings tab to specify settings for burning and extracting audio from CDs.



Use strict Red Book specification for DAO validation

Select this check box if you want to be notified prior to burning a disc-at-once CD if anything about your CD project is against strict Red Book standards.

These warnings are not critical, and in most cases you will not write an unreadable disc if you proceed. Clearing this check box will not suppress critical warnings that will result in an unreadable disc.

Use SPTI direct for CD burning

Select this check box if you want to use SPTI (SCSI Pass-Through Interface) to communicate with your CD burning drive.

Overwrite CD Text autodetection results

If the software incorrectly detects that your CD recorder is not able to write CD Text, select this check box to turn on CD Text writing for your drive.

Sound Forge Pro note CD Settings PreferencesPlease check the documentation provided with your CD recorder to determine whether the drive is able to write CD Text.

Include wide SCSI devices when searching for drives

Select this check box if you want to scan for wide SCSI CD drives when you attempt to extract data from or burn CDs.

When the check box is cleared, the application will not scan for wide SCSI devices, which can increase compatibility with some USB device drivers that incorrectly identify themselves as wide SCSI.

Skip drive database; autodetect drive capabilities on startup

When the check box is cleared, an internal configuration file is used to determine your drive’s capabilities.

If you encounter problems burning CDs, select this check box, and your drive to determine its capabilities when the application starts.

Automatically detect CD length

Select this check box if you want to automatically detect the length of your blank CDs when you insert them in your drive.

When this check box is cleared, the Default CD length (minutes) setting is used, and you can click the CD Time Remaining box in the status bar to update the available time on a CD.

Prepend up to 2 seconds of silence for DAO burning

When this check box is selected, the default pause time is inserted when you create  disc-at-once CD tracks.

Default time between CD tracks (seconds)

Type a value in the edit box to specify the length of time that is inserted between disc-at-once CD tracks.

Default CD length (minutes)

Type the default length for CD media. This length is used if the software has not yet scanned your CD drive or if no CD is in your drive.

This length is used to calculate the amount of time remaining on the disc that is displayed in the status bar.

Default All

Restores all CD preferences to the default settings.

CD Settings Preferences