Process Menu

From the Process menu, choose Smooth/Enhance to add or remove high-frequency content.

  1. From the Process menu, choose Smooth/Enhance.

  2. Drag the Operation slider toward Smooth or Enhance:

  3. The Smooth function will smooth fast-changing transients in a sound and is useful for removing glitches.

  4. The Enhance function boosts the very highest frequencies (close to the Nyquist frequency) in the sound file, making the sound file sound more vivid. It is useful for compensating for the effects of downsampling or for bringing out very fast transients in a sound file.

Sound Forge Pro note Smooth/EnhanceSince the enhance function boosts frequencies near the Nyquist frequency, the current sample rate will determine what frequencies will be affected. At 44,100 Hz, the effect can be very subtle.

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