1. From the Effects menu, choose Envelope.

  2. Adjust the envelope to achieve the desired sound:

  3. Drag the small envelope points up or down.

  4. To create a new envelope point, double-click the envelope.

  5. To delete an envelope point, right-click it and choose Delete from the shortcut menu.

  6. To change the fade curve between two points, right-click an envelope segment and choose a command from the shortcut menu:

Fade Type

Fade In/Out Envelope

Linear Fade

Sound Forge Pro envelope linear Envelope

Fast Fade

Sound Forge Pro envelope fast Envelope

Slow Fade

Sound Forge Pro envelope slow Envelope

Smooth Fade

Sound Forge Pro envelope smooth Envelope

Sharp Fade

Sound Forge Pro Envelope sharp Envelope


Sound Forge Pro Envelope hold Envelope

  • To move all envelope points, press Ctrl+A and drag when the envelope has focus (the cursor will be displayed as a Sound Forge Pro handpointer Envelope).

Sound Forge Pro note EnvelopeYou can create up to 16 envelope points. Click the Reset Envelope button to reset the graph to a simple ADSR (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release) curve.

  1. Select the Smooth gain to minimize distortion on steep slopes check box to prevent the gain from changing too quickly, which might result in unwanted distortion. Also, when this option is on, the gain will always begin at 0%.

  2. Click the OK button.

Choose a command from the Show wave drop-down list if you want to display the waveform in the envelope graph.

If you’re working with a multichannel file, you can choose to view individual channels or the mixed waveform.

Sound Forge Pro note EnvelopeThe waveform is unavailable when the selection is greater than 300,000 samples.


Effects Menu

From the Effects menu, choose Envelope to apply an envelope to vary the amplitude of a waveform over time. Unlike the Graphic Fade command, which simply fades a waveform by a specific amount over time, the gain at each point is dynamically calculated to achieve the exact specified envelope.

For more information about using processing dialog controls, click here.

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Sound Forge Pro arrowdn Envelope Apply an amplitude envelope

Sound Forge Pro arrowdn Envelope Display the waveform

Sound Forge Pro btnshowall Envelope