1. Hover over the top of an audio event.

  2. When you see the envelope cursor (Sound Forge Pro handpointer Event Envelopes ), drag the volume line to the desired level. As you drag the envelope, the event’s gain is displayed in dB.
    Sound Forge Pro eventvolume Event Envelopes

Sound Forge Pro tip Event EnvelopesTips:

  • Hold Ctrl (or hold the right mouse button) while dragging the sustain portion of the envelope to adjust the value in fine increments.

  • When you have multiple events selected, the gain of all selected events is adjusted simultaneously.

  1. Hover over upper-left or upper-right corner of an audio event until the cursor is displayed as a Sound Forge Pro  Event Envelopes .

  2. Click the corner of the event and drag to create a fade.
    Sound Forge Pro eventfadein Event Envelopes
    To remove a fade, drag the end of the fade curve back to the edge of the event.
    Sound Forge Pro removefadeanimate Event Envelopes

  1. Right-click the fade-in or fade-out region to display a shortcut menu.

  2. Choose Fade Type from the shortcut menu and choose a fade curve from the submenu.

Event Envelopes (ASR)

Sound Forge Pro b eventtool Event Envelopes

Edit Menu:

You can apply envelopes to individual events. Events, known as ASRs (attack sustain, and release) give you the ability to control an event’s fade-in, fade-out, and overall level.

When you create an event, handles are added that are used to set the envelope. As you drag these handles, a volume envelope appears.

What do you want to do?

Sound Forge Pro arrowdn Event Envelopes Adjust an event’s volume

Sound Forge Pro arrowdn Event Envelopes Fade an event in or out

Sound Forge Pro arrowdn Event Envelopes Change the fade type

Sound Forge Pro btnshowall Event Envelopes


Event Envelopes