The Magnify Tool

Sound Forge Pro b magnify The Magnify Tool

Edit Menu:

From the Edit menu, choose Tool, and then choose Magnify from the submenu to select the Magnify tool.

Use the Magnify tool to zoom in to a region without losing your selection. Drag the mouse over an area to zoom in. A dotted rectangle is drawn around the area, and the area is magnified when you release the mouse button.

While holding the left mouse button, click the right mouse button to toggle through the three magnification modes:

  • Zoom Time only: magnifies horizontally without changing the vertical level of the data window.

  • Zoom Level only: magnifies vertically without changing horizontal zoom level of the data window.

  • Time/ Zoom Level: magnifies horizontally and vertically.

For more information about zooming and magnification — including using custom zoom ratios — please see Magnification and Zooming.

The Magnify Tool